The Weather Recently!!!

Just thought I would experiment with a
video in my wordpress page. Here is a
video on the ‘sunny’ weather we have here
in California!!!


Something New, Something Different!

I took this picture the other day… There is a
new medical building being built close to my
home… I think it is going to be just offices, not
hospital or anything like that… So here we are with
something new and something different… This
photo was put through some Photoshop CC
adjustments… and some light HDR processing…
I hope you like the picture.. Always C&C are
welcome… Take Care!!!

Spring Is A Coming

The rhubarb is coming up in our church’s
community @ Lutheran Church Of Our
Redeemer. My friend has a plot there and has
planted rhubarb to grow in the winter. It didn’t
do well this winter, however, once we got these
spring like temperatures going, it took off… So this
is a picture of the leaf using macro mode. I also
did some HDR work to it… Side Note: I love the new
Adobe Photoshop CC 
2018, it’s great… So please let
me know how you like this photo is a message to
me through WordPress….
Take care

happy shooting.

Jolly Holly

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to share a picture I captured
today… I thought in my humble opinion
that it came out pretty good. What do you
think??? I also know that I have some sort
of color blindness, So I need to know if it
is too saturated??? I don’t think so, but to
me it looks a little subtle in color. Hope
everyone had a great Christmas, or
holiday you celebrate!!! Here’s to a brand
new 2018… Take Care All!!!
PS::: Which do you like better,…
The color or B&W???

Going Back To My Roots – In A Digital Way!

I started this journey into photography doing
black and white photos. I was using film and
chemicals to develop my photos. Now in this
digital age, film is almost obsolete. However,
I have since then completely switched to a
digital dry lab. So in this photo I am showing
you, brings a feeling of nostalgia to my heart.
I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed
taking the photo!

Here Is A Photo Of My Winter Rose!

Sorry for the long distance between posts,
been busy with life… I’m sure you
understand! I took this picture last week
sometime of a rare winter rose. I was very
surprised that the rose bush actually bloomed
in this cold weather. This rose is of my favorite
color – orange. I hope you enjoy this photo as
much as I enjoyed taking it!