Pretty… Pretty… Zenia’s…

These flowers were all over the community
garden at my church. Our garden is always
very prolific for everyone, but the zenia’s
have almost taken over. Not that I am
complaining or anything… I love them…
Other’s however, treat them as a weed…
I don’t get that. I have always thought
they were a beautiful flower… Here
are a few for your own eye candy!!!


Something A Little Different!

Thought I would share a new image I captured.
Last week I had the opportunity to go to
Downtown Sacramento. I do not get there
very often, so I took my camera and got some
great pictures. My friend Allen and I had some
business to conclude there, and since we had
so much time left on the meter, we decided
to walk around a little. This picture is of a
state building – Department Of Corrections
I believe. Anyways, this kind of photography
is a little out of the norm for me, so I thought
I would venture outside of the box a little!

A Sunflower By No Other!

A sunflower by no other!
I used the HDR effect in Photoshop offered
by google. It’s called NIK. NIK is now not being
upgraded anymore by Google which is sad. I love it!
I try not to really go too far with the effects. However,
I think it offers some kind of dynamic fluidity to the
piece of work here. In my opinion, it makes the main
sunflower ‘POP’… Let me know what you think!!!

A Unique Painting From The Family

I thought I would share a picture of my
late Great Grand Aunt’s painting. She painted
this one in the early 1950’s. We have had it
in the family ever since. Her name was
Mary Jane Compton.
I love and miss here dearly as she was a
unique and expressive person with a free
spirit that would make you want to let it
all out. Miss you Aunt Mary Jane! Hope
you enjoy this one!!!

Summer Is Here With Sunflowers!!!

My Vegetable garden is bursting with sunflowers
that came up voluntarily… I always think that
plants that come up by themselves are the best!
These pictures come from various cameras, but
I think that they are the best of the bunch. The
sunflower is my favorite flower. Not only is it big
and bold, but the scent is to die for. It’s soft but
luxurious with hints of pure sweetness. I hope
you enjoy these photos, my they sweeten up
your day!!!

PS:… This is an HDR image by the way!

This Week In A Photo Collection

I have been taking photos in my
neighborhood, and thought I would
share with everyone. I hope you enjoy as
much as I enjoyed taking these photos.
PS: The ladybug is a cropped photo, which
goes against what I was taught in Photography
school. No judgement please!!! (He He He)

A Double Feature From Mother Nature Herself!!!

X-FILES Well I Went walking around the neighborhood
recently and took these two pictures from a local park.
The Oak Tree is about the size of a six story building.
The flower image was from a tree in the park. To me, it
looks like a bunch of grapes on the vine!!! Well Hope
you enjoy capturing frames of time as much as I do,
one by one, every day!!!