A Double Feature From Mother Nature Herself!!!

X-FILES Well I Went walking around the neighborhood
recently and took these two pictures from a local park.
The Oak Tree is about the size of a six story building.
The flower image was from a tree in the park. To me, it
looks like a bunch of grapes on the vine!!! Well Hope
you enjoy capturing frames of time as much as I do,
one by one, every day!!!

Abstract + HDR = Amazing Wonders In Imagery!!!

Amazing Wonders Indeed!!!
I captured this picture the other day and just had
a chance to run it through Adobe Lightroom
and Adobe Photoshop to develop
the RAW file (.CRW)… Speaking of which
I just started a subscription to adobe so
I can have the newest versions of software…
I officially have joined The Dark Side!!!
Anyways, I saw this hunk of wood along
my travels when I was walking and felt
that I just needed to take a picture of it!!!
After working on the photo I applied an
HDR effect on the image which gave
me this result, I liked it a lot!!!
I hope you do too!!!

A Closer Look!

Thought I would get as close as I
could to show the macro world. I took
This picture with my trusty Canon Camera
and Tamron Lens. I just love Macro Photography.
I gives me such joy to see something really up close…
Here is a picture I hope You enjoy!!!

Calalily With a NIK Overtone

I took this picture today with my Canon 10D…
I ran the photo through Photoshop for color
correction and minor adjustments. I then thought
I would run the photo through the NIK Plug-Ins
I have. I did the one called Tone Mapping – HDR.
I thought the effect that it gave was amazing
in my opinion. Let me know what you think!!!

Evening Clouds Are Here!

I love taking pictures of clouds.
From one minute to another, they change
and are never the same. They are like
snowflakes… Unique in design. So I
am sharing with you my snapshot into
time of what I saw in the clouds.
Hope you enjoy!!!


Winter Moon In The Early Morning!!!

I took this photo early this morning actually…
At about 3 a.m. the moon was almost full like
you see here, quite beautiful if I do say!!! I ran
the photo through a new application called DxO…
It allowed me to do fine adjustments like I would
find in Lightroom or some other program!!! I
think the picture came out pretty good
considering that I shot this with a point and
shoot camera – My Nikon L840!!!
Hope you enjoy!!!


Green Elephant Leaf In The Winter!

Surprisingly there was a green leaf in the winter.
My neighbor has a lot of these elephant plants
in his front yard, and they are still producing
new leaves even though the night time
temperature is below freezing… Kinda cool huh!
I was amazed that they could still grow in these
harsh conditions. Perseverance always wins
I guess!!!